Laser scanning system enables contactless spatial scanning, 3D modelling and visualisation of complex buildings and constructions, interiors, underground spaces or any other type of terrain. It is exceptionally fast and exact. It scans into a so called point clouds, from which assembles 3D picture or another data output (e.g. construction documentation). The accuracy of point space position is 3 mm from a 50 m working distance. The accuracy for a modelling surface is 2 mm. Are you interested in such a service? You can write to us via our web form.


The Usage:


  • 3D scanning of an actual state of buildings, bridges, tunnels, underpasses, tanks and any other types of objects = processing of an actual state will complete
    current documentation or replace a non-existing one. (Law No. 183/2006, planning & building law; par.154 Owner of a building and facilities; par(2) Owner of facility falling under this law is obliged to:d) store documentation of a facility real design, decisions, agreements and other important documents relating to the facility at all times, while it exists.
  • 3D documentation of the construction process and the real execution of the construction with repetitive 3D scanning and a comparison with the project design = precision and work quality control (check of cubic capacity, geometric precision, surfaces' and shapes' flatness, creation of digital difference model)
  • 3D topography for construction improvements of roads and highways, tunnels, parking lots, construction sites
  • 3D scanning of a cubic content of ground work or garbage dumps, monitoring of terrain decrease, shape of a building pits
  • 3D scanning of technological complexes and constructions, creation of a virtual models
  • 3D topography of quarries, steep slopes, tunnel portals, supporting and main rock walls, scanning of mines, caves and underground areas
  • 3D scanning can be used by the entire range of architects, facades and interiors, documentation of historical sights and art work, 3D archaeology, area of real estate maintenance
  • 3D scanning and mapping of objects for motion-picture industry, for computer games


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