Management of construction sites and reconstructions

The scope of this activity consists of technical coordination and management of investors' individual contractors during the work execution. Financial check and providing a safety consultant are also part of it.


Flat & Real Estate Acceptance

As an experts we will accept on your behalf a flat or family residence from a developer, construction company or a previous owner. We can advise on which steps to take while maintaining and properly using a flat or by a (legal) dispute. It is a completely different story, when a flat is handed over to a new owner by a constructor or developer then, when an older flat is passed on to a new owner on a secondary market.


Firstly you are taking over a newly build work, that you can comment on and later also make claims, secondly for a very first time you will arrange electricity and other services for this flat, or even co-found owners association in a given apartment building.


Acceptance - of a flat or family residence -what does it actually mean and consists of?


* inspection of completion and work quality
* check of dimensions and room areas
* inspection of walls and floors flat surfaces according to valid Czech norms and regulations
* quality inspection of plastering, tilling, floors and ceilings
* chink inspection of tilling work cutting
* functionality inspection of windows and doors
* functionality inspection of wiring
* proper fitting inspection of a window sills and paving
* check of client changes executions
* check even during the construction


Construction passports

At a given time we will make a proper examination of a real estate or its completed part, together with documentation of its current state. The outcome of such action is a document, so called "object passport", which describes in great detail discovered conditions accompanied with extensive photo documentation, incl. drawing/marking of potential faults.


* documentation of a condition and faults
* drawing/marking into a state
* recommendation of potential arrangements


Construction assessment, test, thermovision

Thanks to our long term experience in the construction field and to large portfolio of experts we overcome fast various construction problems. We offer:


* expert's opinion of construction
* construction research and their photo documentation
* supervision of construction projects and their parts
* evaluation of the construction state and problem solving suggestion
* tests of proof, control and acceptance
* testing and control of material compare to given requirements
* construction diagnostics with the use of modern technology - termovision, 3D scanning


Consulting & Counselling


* construction and other types of research
* construction timetable
* consulting & counselling in the field of construction