Project management Main activity of a project manager is to lead a construction team. He is not a substitution for a site manager, but an authorized representative of an investor on a particular construction site and project. He is responsible for a technical outcome of a project and answers directly to an investor. Technical outcome of a project means, that product, work and services delivery are in compliance with approved project documentation within the frame of a construction proceedings, up to date with technical norms and with agreed contractual obligations.

Technical supervision The scope of activities of the technical supervision is to represent the investor (builder) during the construction and to always work in his best interest. We protect his interests and we do not have any connection towards the provider of the construction. From the beginning till the end we act like a controlling and qualitative mechanism of technological procedures. This is combined with the use of latest 3D scanning technology

Cost management
Main duties of cost manager consist of representation and support of the investor (builder) regarding tenders, supplier selections, price negotiations, budget control, control of financial liabilities. This way the cost of investment is easily monitored and transparent.

Safety Coordination (Occupational & Health Safety at Work)
The duties of Safety Coordinator are to represent investor (builder) at dealings with local work inspectorate, coordinate safety on the construction site, suggest precautions, control and observe law & regulations. Roles of Technical Supervision and Safety Coordinator are often underestimated by a constructor.

Client change management
This activity consist of communication with clients of an investor (builder), solving their requests with designers and budget experts and passing on the contractor. It also provides control of correct execution, preparation of contracts, etc.